享健身月費600元,相當於每天20元 即可不限次數進出、使用健身房的所有器材與設備!


<收費舉例1> 3/1加入會員,3/1當天收取600元系統設定費與接下來一個月的月費($600)

️無長期綁約也不會推銷您任何課程!課程部分依照您的喜好可以在我們的XARE FIT app購買 一對一 或是團體課程!

  • 會費包含使用所有器材、乾濕分離更衣室洗澡間、儲物櫃
  • 在沒有課程進行時,拳擊沙包區、懸吊系統區、功能性訓練區、人工草皮區為公共區域
  • 多功能教室、飛輪教室、及VIP教室為課程專用區域
  • 每月可使用Inbody測量體脂肪一次

Our membership is a monthly 600TWD subscription base. After joining that day you will be billed 600TWD for the system setup fee and your monthly fee.

The membership fee includes the use of all equipment, locker, showers. But please remember to bring your own padlock, towels, and toiletries.

All facilities, including boxing area, TRX area, functional training area are all free to use during non-class hours. As a member, you are also eligible to use our Inbody scanner to track your fitness level once a month.

Spinning, classrooms, and VIP classrooms are private area for booking.


在享受運動的同時更有效的達到運動的目的。備註: 所以解除會籍的朋友再次加入也視為新會員喔!

Adding, maintaining and updating each member’s profile and data is time-consuming. So we charge each new members once. We guarantee our APP will allow our members to achieve the goals more effectively.

NOTICE: Previous members who canceled their membership will be considered as a new member when applying again.





Go to your profile on your app to cancel your membership anytime you want. Just remember, if you want to cancel your membership, remember to do it 6 days before your membership is due. Ie. If you joined on 3/1, then your membership is valid till 3/31. Therefore, you must cancel your membership before 3/25 to ensure you don’t get charged for the coming month (April).

So this is what happens when you cancel your contract.

So it is highly recommended you plan ahead to get the most out your time working out at XARE FIT.

If you are only here for a week or a month, we highly recommend you getting our one-day pass for $150.

首先需要下載我們的APP 並且加入會員。完成之後可以選擇成為商業會員、這時候需要備妥你的身分證,銀行帳戶(國泰世華是我們的合作廠商 LINE 我們詢問特別優惠、LINE ID: @xarefit)、各項證照。上傳完送出後、我們會審核、核准時就會發出通知在你註冊的信箱!! 成為教練後 就可以申請欲開課的課程跟租用場地了~

First you need to download our app and join the membership. After you finish, you can choose to become a commercial member. You will need to prepare your ID card, bank account (Cathay Shihua is our partner, ask us about special offers, LINE ID: @xarefit), and various licenses. After uploading and sending your application, we will send you a notice when you are reviewed and approved. After you become a coach, you can apply for the course you want to start and rent our space for bookings~

信義安和 開放時間Xinyi Anhe Opening Hours:
周一到日(Mon-Sun) 6am – 11pm
地址(Map): https://goo.gl/maps/85JNJEwnwe3V1Gkc7

內湖瑞光門市 開放時間Neihu Ruiguang Opening Hours:
24小時 24h
地址(Map): https://g.page/xarefitneihu?share

忠孝市府門市City Hall Opening Hours:
周一到日(Mon-Sun) 6am – 11pm
地址Map: https://goo.gl/maps/LxJSXFY3UbckDJvb7

如需隨時了解請追蹤我們的臉書IG及各場館的總館[email protected]或是內湖[email protected]
There are scheduled maintenance day 1-2 times a month for each location. Others like typhoon days, and national holidays will be notified 
separately on our FB, IG, Xinyi Anhe Line and Neihu LINE.

無長期綁約、600元月費、 你還在等甚麼?


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